International competition in Bath

Today is our last day of competition in Bath! Yesterday was our judging sessions which we did very well in. Our core values, robot evaluation, and project were the best we have ever done! The judges seemed very excited and they very interested about what we had to say about everything. Sadly, these were also our last presentations together, and for all but Kai who has another year until he ages out, this is our last set of presentations. Our robot is performing well and we have our last robot run today as well as the awards ceremony which we are all very excited for. The judges were also very excited to visit our pit after we told them about it, all of the judges are coming to our pit today and we are very excited to share with them all! All of the teams here are great, they are all super friendly and have interesting projects and robots. We are heading out to London tomorrow and going to Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. Thank you for all of your help and support, we wouldn’t be here without you!


International Open Championship in Bath, UK!!

We are here!!! Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us to get here! It is beautiful here! We had an easy, although LONG, flight from San Francisco to Heathrow. Virgin Atlantic was amazing! Richard Branson, we could still use free extra baggage for our team equipment on the way home! 😉

We arrived on Tuesday! After checking in we were assigned our individual dorm rooms at the University of Bath! We take up the entire third floor of our dorm! We have two shared kitchen, living spaces as well. The food has been great. LOTS of pastry! One thing they do not seem to be big on here is ice and air conditioning! It has been 95 degrees with high humidity. Carla Farnworth and Coach Koop did find some ice for their water bottles. Later when they walked by and the lid was closed, the sign read, “Not for human consumption.” Very funny! They both seem to be ok!

We rode the bus into Bath Tuesday night. Bath is AMAZING! The history and architecture! We found a pigeon man! It was just like the lady in Mary Poppins! The boys on the team all got their photo taken with pigeon on them! Totally funny and cool!

There is so much more to tell you, but it will have to wait until a later time! Thank you again! Cheerio!


Come Celebrate With Us!

After we come back from England we are going to have a party with all of our supporters to thank them and celebrate what we have accomplished. The celebration will be hosted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 from 5pm to 7pm. It will be hosted at 2034 Columbine Ct. in Carson City NV, 89703. There will be food and beverages provided and adults may bring their preferred adult beverage. Please RSVP to Lisa(coach) at 830-9727 or at We hope to see you there and thank you one last time to all of our supporters.

Final Preparations

Even though school is already out we are still practicing to prepare for our last competition. We are working on putting our final touches on our robot and our presentations. We plan on doing one final practice presentations with Kohl’s Kares as the judges. Thank you again Kohl’s. We cannot believe that it is so close to the competition and that the season is almost over.

Team Fun

On Sunday, May 28 our team went out to EZ Air in Reno, Nevada for some down time after all of our competitions, and before we head to Bath, England for our last competition. We had a great time jumping and playing laser tag. From there we went to lunch with our parents and had a great time with them. It was nice to have a day like this to help us get ready for the last few weeks.

Our Award from Houston Texas

The award that we got from Houston Texas was the third place Core Values teamwork. award The judges thought was we worked well with others and that’s why we got third place core values teamwork award. We thought that this award looked really cool because it is a hand with the robot, project, and core values symbols. We are super happy that we got an award and our strengths are core values. So it was cool that we got this award.P1480001.JPGP1480004.JPG

World Festival – Kai’s Thoughts

I thought that this was a fun experience because we got meet a ton of teams. It was a fun chance to get to compete as well as have fun. I thought that we did really well especially since we got third place teamwork award.  Plus with how big the competition was made it even more cool. With all of teams there, it was cool to see how each team set up their pits. I think that we had the most popular booth because it was always super busy. It was also cool to see to other sections of First as well. I thought the FTC was cool and the FRC was really interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the FLL Jr but im sure that it was cool as well. It was very cool to see all of the FLL robots compete along side us. These were my thoughts on the First World Festival.

Optimist Tournament

This weekend we went to the optimist tournament and we had a great time. Our robot performed near perfect, we were the highest scorers in the robot game. There was also a core values challenge.  We won first place on that as well. Even though there were only four teams we still had a great and friendly competition. We got in a lot of practice to better prepare for our competition in Bath, UK.